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Castillo Rooster Weathervane

Castillo Rooster Weathervane

$94.99 $21.99

Complete the look of your cottage or country style home with the Montague Metal Products Rooster Weathervane. This traditional-style weathervane is hand cast in rust free aluminum for durability and maximum strength. The weathervane can be used on a 24" - 30" cupola, 2 car garage or medium size home. This Rooster Weathervane from the house of Montague Metal Products has a rooster placed on an arrow, followed by the North, South, East, West directions. The base of the weathervane has a satin black finish, while the rooster is available n multiple finish options. As the weathervane is made in the USA, you can be rest assured of its quality and make.


  • Weathervane
  • Hand cast in rust free aluminum
  • Fits most pitched roofs or cupolas
  • Use on a 24" - 30" cupola, 2 car garage or medium size home
  • Base and arrow finish: Satin Black
  • Made in the USA
  • Screwed into top of cupola